Sustainablity Promise

Sustainability Promise - Eco Packaging Alliance

Growing up, I still remember watching Captain Planet on the TV every afternoon after school. It's seems so silly to reference a TV show from my childhood but it's something that drilled a mentality of sustainability from an early age. Mary Grace has always been an environmentally aware and sustainably conscious brand. From the product design, to the making, to the producing of the product we carefully consider each manufacturing stage and how this is contributing to the sustainability of our environment. It started with using recyclable plastics only to now, striving for an entirely plastic free future.

All of our products and/or packaging are recyclable or has been made from recycled materials depending on the item. We always ask ourselves: Can this be reused, recycled or repurposed? It's not just the product or it's packaging we consider but also the tissue paper it's wrapped in, the void fill it's packed in and the shipper carton it's sent in. 

At Mary Grace we do not support the use of single use plastic. We have made the transition to mailer bags that are 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

We do what we can to make impactful choices and initiatives with our suppliers.

We request our suppliers to stop the individual wrapping of each product part sent to us. I.E. the lid, the bottle, the bottle caps, the oil dropper, the bag strap etc. Instead we request that these parts be placed together in the same order. One of our suppliers, Mary Grace is a proud member of the eco-packaging Alliance that contributes to global reforestation. It starts with a single tree.

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